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Microblading Chicago Style By Chicago Microblading Expert Matt Schultz

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Microblading before and after

Microblading Chicago

Have you been late night searching again for "microblading near me" in Chicago? Do you want to know what all the hoopla is about with the new trend of permanent makeup in Chicago? It is the perfect place to get permanent makeup done because both water and sun rarely happen so the healing time is a breeze! Yes, I am poking fun at our weather here in Chicago, c'mon you know it's not the reason we all live here!

Chicago microblading is popular and it is also a difficult task to do well and with patience. A lot of estheticians and cosmetic technicians want to rush a job that simply cannot be rushed. It is important you find someone in Chicago that does microblading slowly and with patience nurturing you and making you feel safe getting permanent makeup on your eyebrows.

Lots of people ask me about brows and how to create symmetry and how to tell where to put the brows to create the most beautiful brow line. Some estheticians will rush and say to runaway if you see someone doing brow mapping on your face and some clients won't stay unless you do brow mapping.

So, What is Brow Mapping and How does it help with Microblading?

Brow mapping is a process in which you can find the perfect shape, size and location for your brows and the brow-line. Very often with age and life our brows will change shape, size and location on our face creating less symmetry and less openness in the eye area. This can make it harder to create an open effect, make a person look older and also make it harder to put on makeup.

A good microblading and permanent makeup designer will know how to form your eyebrows to create the most beautiful balance for your features and bring out your inner beauty! That's right, brows and permanent makeup can do that!! They can enhance the other features on your face and make you feel that complete feeling that you have always wanted.

One of the hottest hair trends right now is microblading, a process where a cosmetic technician literally tattoos eyebrows onto your face. The results are definitely worth it though!

So, How do you know where to get Microblading done in Chicago?

There are salons all over the country, including one of the most popular areas for this service - in Chicago by Rize Beauty Lab. It's an idea to go with an experienced technician though, as they have perfected their technique and you'll produce better results.

Matt Schultz is the owner-operator of Rize Beauty Lab in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago Ill. Matt started doing permanent makeup in 2009, worked with other technicians for years before opening his own shop to serve Chicago’s permanent makeup scene.

Matt may have mastered microblading, but that doesn't mean he's stopped trying to perfect it. Something about this process intrigues him because every brow is unique and requires its own treatment.

It takes about 3 hours to microblade typical brows, but the microblading process itself doesn't really involve micros. There are twelve micro strokes per eyebrow so the artist draws hair-like you'd see on your own face without makeup that gives you natural-looking eyebrows.

This is why it's so important to have the best technique possible for the microblade procedure because he or she can work with people one on one, give them personalized service at affordable prices, and the procedure is a great product for his business plus it gives you the best permanent brows imaginable.

Many women are also opting to have microblading tattooed above their lash lines as well. Microblading eyeliner takes the microblading process one step further, giving you a picture-perfect finish. The effects are striking and remain that way for about two years or so.

How Much Does Microblading Cost In Chicago?

The microblading eyebrow price varies depending on your technician. Matt Schultz believes microblading eyebrows is an art, so he charges accordingly. On average microblade brows in the City of Chicago costs about $600-800 per session.

A microblade lash line costs about $500-700, but Matt offers microblading eyeliner at his salon at a discounted price of $400 for new clients.

How does Microblading Look after Three Years?

After 3 years the procedure will remain relatively intact, although clients that have had the process done need to know there is some re-growth of the natural eyebrow as microblade brows fade, and as with any tattoo microblading makeup must be touched up anywhere from every 3-4 years for best results.

Touch-ups only take about one hour and is relatively painless. The microblade process doesn't even require an anesthetic, although some microblade technicians will apply topical numbing cream before microblading eyebrows in Illinois.

A good microblade technician should also be able to tell you exactly how long each microblade treatment will last prior to beginning your microblading procedure.

How is microblade done by a microblade technician?

A microblade technician will use an ultra-fine microblade to fill in and define the brows and lash line, which provides for a semi-permanent result to microblade makeup effects.

The microblade machine looks like a traditional tattoo machine, but microblades are much finer causing microblade micro-strikes to penetrate the skin more shallowly.

The microblade is usually a surgical tool made of titanium or stainless steel with removable blades. A microblade used in microblading must be sterilized after each person.

How does microblading feel?

Most people experience a little discomfort, but no pain during the procedure because the microblade only penetrates about a quarter to half an inch below the skin.

Does Microblading ruin Your Natural Eyebrows?

What microblading does is fill in microbladed eyebrows that are sparse, patchy, or over-plucked. It can also correct brow scarring on the skin caused by accidents or medical conditions like alopecia.

Who Should Do Microblading Brows?

Every microblade client must be in good health and has sufficient blood circulation in order to microblade eyebrows. Also, if you are prone to oily skin microblading may not be for you and instead permanent makeup will last much longer and set in your skin much better and less blurry. Also, if you are darker pigment you may want to go with permanent makeup in Chicago as those with more melanin the permanent makeup lasts longer than microblading.

Most microblade technicians also ask that their clients that take medications like blood thinners (that means your vitamin E and fish oil supplements, too!), antidepressants, diuretics, or other medication that might cause excessive bleeding be stopped for about 5 days before the procedure on their brows and skin.

What Happens to your real brows after microblading?

Your microblade micro strokes will not harm your natural eyebrows, but you shouldn't touch them at least for a day or two. You should also make sure to use sunblock on the microbladed area if you're planning to be outside for an extended period of time.

can you remove the microblade tattoo?

A microblade technician can "wipe off" microblade micro strokes that don't turn out the way you want, although it will take a special micro-wipe for this purpose.

If you've had permanent tattooing done on your eyebrows at Matt Schultz Studio in Chicago please share your experience with us!

Make an appointment with us today for a touch-up or to get your eyebrow hair done

Matt makes it easy for you to book an appointment on his calendar. To book an appointment simply click on the link or button below. If there are any questions regarding the appointment just reach out to Matt by calling him at 312-809-6332. Sometimes Matt may be booked up for weeks so ask if there is another time available if you need a new appointment.

Be patient and know Matt has the most advance technique there is for your safety. You are going to enjoy the way you look.

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