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Eyelash Extensions

lash extensions Classic lashes
Classic Individual Lash Exensions.
Fullset $170  Refills $80
 For a natural look we carefully glue one lash extension to each of your own natural lashes. Eyelashes are not stuck together and can move freely keeping your natural lashes healthy and without damage.
Volume Lash extensions
Handmade Volume Lash Extensions.
Fullset $180 Refills $140
Handmade volume lash extensions take more time because we use tweezers to make the volume lashes out of individual lashes. The benefit of doing this is you can create a custom look and many clients say they last even longer than traditional volume lash extensions.
Lash extensions volume lash extensions
Volume Lash extensions.
Fullset $180 Refills $110
For a more dramatic look go with volume lash extensions. We adhere multiple lash extensions to each of your own lashes keeping your own lashes free  moving. Volume lash extensions usually last longer than classic lash extensions, and they are versatile, we have lighter more natural volumes as well as the thicker more dramatic volume.

eyelash extensions
Hybrid Lash Extensions.
Fullset $175 Refills $95
With these lash extensions we use classic individual lashes mixed with volume lashes to give more of a textured look. We always take care to glue each of your own lashes one at a time so your natural lashes move freely to avoid damage.

Classic Lash Extensions

Classic lash extensions
Classic Lash Exensions
Eyelash Extensions before and after
Lash Extensions Classic Lashes
Lash extensions before and after
Eyelash Extensions before and after
Eyelash extensions

Volume Lash Extensions

Lash extensions
Eyelash Extentions
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