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Microblading & Permanent Makeup Chicago

About Me

Permanent Makeup artist

Hello there, I am so glad you are interested

in permanent makeup and you found my page :) 

I am your future permanent makeup artist, Matt. I have been studying and a practicing makeup artist for over twenty years working for some of the top brand names like Yves Saint Laurent, Nars, Guerlain and Giorgio Armani. 

As a humble student for life, I have also made sure to continue my education every step of the way. Learning is both valuable for me as it’s my passion and great for my clients because I am able to study all the newest and latest styles, trends, and technology out there for the beauty industry, specifically in aesthetics and makeup. This way I can have clients feel great knowing they don't have to know everything in this industry, I can do that for them.

For example, just in the last seven years, I have:

  • Obtained an advanced apprenticeship in permanent makeup artist certificate 

  • Received 5-day training course in machine hair strokes and powder brow certificate

  • Received 5-day training course in lash enhancement, eyeliner, and dramatic eyeliner certificate

  • Received a 3-day training course in lip liner, lip blushing, and full lip certificate. 

  • Trained as a lash technician in Florida and had lash clients in between my permanent makeup sittings and eventually got the title of a master lash stylist. 


My love of permanent makeup comes from the experience of being an licensed esthetician and a makeup artist for over twenty years. My approach to beauty is to bring out the most natural and beautiful aesthetic in my clients. I love that moment I get to see how happy my clients are after they finally see a new set of eyebrows, new lashes, permanent eyeliner, or new lip tint. It is rewarding to know that I am bringing courage and confidence to my clients. Self-love is a journey and if I can be a part of that journey for you I am content.

Working with clients, to me is a collaborative process where I am here to make my clients feel safe, supported, and nurtured in this process. Permanent makeup can be scary and intimidating and I empathize with what it can be like sitting in that chair. I am patient, passionate, and gentle- and for a permanent makeup artist with a permanent makeup machine, believe me, that is the perfect trifecta for an amazing end result. Happy confident clients!  


Since beginning my career I have gone from apprentice to teacher/master stylist in everything that I have learned. I do not quit and I will work hard for perfection. I promise in my hands, you will be both safe and satisfied with your permanent makeup Chicago experience. 

I am currently working out of my own studio located at the Lincolnwood Town Center Mall.


Book a free consultation below and let’s get you started on your permanent makeup Chicago self-care journey!

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