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What are the different styles of Lash Extensions? : What Lashes are Right for Me?

If you are searching for the right eyelash extensions here in Chicago or just in general it is important to consider your lash extensions according to your eye shape. There are many different styles of lash extensions and eye shapes. If you don’t want to try to figure this all out within a blog post, know that at Rize Beauty Lab in Chicago, your lash stylist will be able to assist you with all the questions you have and provide you with some amazing lash extensions.



This style focuses on longer lashes and bigger extensions to make your eye look bigger. It works for most eye shapes. The lash extensions are extra long in the middle when applied. Not ideal for “rounded” or “protruded” as it can make the face look extra surprised.


This style of eyelash extension uses long lashes on the outside of the eyes. People with eyes that are close-set or narrow-framed faces will make their eyes appear further away from each other and have a wider frame.


It is exactly how it sounds. These lashes are not as long or dramatic for those not wanting to look like they have extensions but have all the luxuries of having extensions- i.e. not having to wear mascara and looking made-up. This is great for those that are looking for a less noticeable look and for those with finer lashes. If you are looking for a softer look natural lashes may be the way to go for you.


Signature and Mink eyelash extension styles are nearly the same. The difference is that mink lash extensions are created from actual mink fur. Mink extensions result in a feathered look that is both elegant and seemingly natural. As well, mink eyelash extensions are flexible and lightweight. This means you won’t feel like you’re wearing extensions on your lashes. Nonetheless, you will probably need to have mink extensions filled more often as they are not as durable as synthetics.


These lashes are mixing longer and shorter extensions giving a more natural look and spikey look. If you have very thin lashes this is not a good fit because it can fill out your lashes however can appear to look messier as well.


Glam Eyelashes are for those who want to be a little bold and wild. Eyelash extension styles used for Glam lashes are much thicker than other extension styles. They are also an awesome choice for an occasion such as Weddings, Christmas Parties, and other get-togethers as they give your eyes a boost to stand out. Glam lashes are similar to ‘staggered’ eyelash extensions.


As it seems, the custom lash extensions are a mix of many different styles to suit your needs. Very often it can happen that there is a mix of two different styles because each eye shape on everyone is a bit different.

Premade versus Handmade Volume:

They come either pre-made or they come in single and you make them manually to fit a person’s eyes.


Classic is similar to natural lash extensions. It is bigger in the middle and can give a similar look to doll eyes but is less long.


Classic and Volume mix.

How do I know what style of eyelash extensions are right for me?

Based on your eye shape the lash extensions that are chosen will enhance your natural beauty. Your lash expert and stylist will know how to aid you in this process if they are good. If you are searching for lash extensions in Chicago, feel free to check out Rize Beauty Lab for your lashes and you will be not only happy with the results, but it will become your go-to lash extension spot in Chicago.

Almond Eyes:

Those with almond eyes are the luckiest as they can pull off many different lashes and still look gorgeous. They are regarded as the most beautiful eyes still to this day and can be lustrous and sexy.

Wide-set Eyes: Thickest on the inside in the best for those with wide-set eyes. This way eyes will be drawn closer together and give a more symmetrical look to the overall face. This will also allow the eyes still to be bigger and more dramatic without giving the illusion that they are further apart from each other.

Close-set Eyes:

These are thickest on the outside is the goal of the design of eyelash extensions for those that have close-set eyes. This way they won’t appear to be as close to one another and give a larger eye look to the face.

Down-turned Eyes:

These can be more challenging eye shapes as they can appear dramatic very easily and become smaller looking with lashes. To disguise down-turned eyes, you want to lift them by lashes that have a stronger curl on the ends and keep most of the extensions a bit shorter than other eye shapes.

Small Eyes or Hooded Eyes:

Lashes can make these shaped eyes appear heavy very easily so it is important to wear the right lashes for this type of eye set. The best style for this set is to emphasize mostly the middle of lashes and a stronger curl overall in the lashes to bring them up and have them appear larger.

Asian Eyes:

Many Asian eyes differ, however most Asian eyes are hooded and some are lacking the crease. So, in order to pivot from the more straight lashes, it is common to use a more extreme L-shaped curve lash to provide the appearance of very long lashes. Also, because they often appear smaller on the outside a reverse cat-eye can open up and accentuate the eye even more. This way the outer corner is longer than the middle.

Deep Set Eyes:

As well, deep-set eyes can be had with a combination of other basic eye shapes. They’re characterized by a person’s eyes being naturally placed further back in their eye socket. People who have large eyes, usually, have deep-set eyes and their eyes can be overshadowed by their eyebrows.

Protruding Eye Shape:

This is the opposite of deep-set eyes so it's a good idea to almost treat it as such. That means fewer long lashes and cat-eye shapes are great for this eye-shape type.

I hope this was helpful for you before getting your eyelashes done and now you know more about your eyes and what would be the best eyelashes for you. Remember, if you go to a good lash expert in Chicago or wherever you are located, you should be able to trust your technician to decide what is best for you and not have to worry about all the details listed above.

Rize Beauty Lab is a great place to get your lashes done in Chicago or any other permanent makeup. Call now to schedule an appointment and get the lashes of your dreams. If you have any questions you also can call and talk to a real person. Here at Rize Beauty Lab, we are here to make everything as easy as possible while keeping you nice and relaxed in a professional environment.

Thank you so much for looking deeper into your beauty needs and I hope that this has answered your questions to some extent and that you feel ready and comfortable to get started in your lash extension journey.

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